A Performance Review: What I Learned From HuffPost

I’ve been following and analyzing the performance of The Huffington Post all semester. Of course, I’ve caught on to some trends.


The Front Page is Clickable, But not Clickbait

screenshot-169.pngScreenshot (170)Screenshot (168)

The headlines are witty, especially those that grace the top of the web page. The dynamic, often humorous photos enhance the desire to click on each story. They do a great job striking the balance between a straight news headline and satire.

 Brevity Makes Catching Up Easy:

They condense long-winded stories into short videos. The White House staff video takes a sarcastic tone to present the information in an entertaining way, while the Facebook video highlights notable quotes from both sides of the issue and sneaks in some background information.


The coverage can lack range.

screenshot-171.pngScreenshot (173)

The headlines shown from April 10 illustrate the undeniable trends in HuffPost’s writing. They focus heavily on criticizing Trump; not that the criticism is undeserved, but they could be more subtle. They typically fill up the rest of the front page with celebrity gossip/news. At least in this case, they offer a critique of the Democratic Party and one international news story, which usually is not the case.

Editorials are Buried


I’ve read some brilliant editorials on the site, like this one, but they are not front and center. This was a new and shocking issue to me, and I was surprised the site did not give it more exposure; I found it while sifting through the opinion section one day. This piece included research and personal experience that brought a valuable perspective to an extremely popular movement. So why didn’t HuffPost make it go viral?


Social Media is Lacking Some Follow Through

Screenshot (176)screenshot-175.pngscreenshot-177.png

They post interesting and thought provoking news on their Instagram account, but they fail to link the posts to articles on the subject. Social media is supposed to be a tool to further their brand and increase traffic to their site, so linking these posts to larger stories would be a smart move. I wanted to know more on these subjects when I came across these photos, which is a start, but I would appreciate the extra effort and I anticipate other consumers would as well.


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