HuffPost’s Got Data

Huffington Post contains articles featuring data visualization on a range of subjects from music sales to wealth to political ideology to obesity (the article I chose to examine).

The first visualization is a video map that tracks the obesity rate (indicated by the color of each country on the map) from 1975 to the present. It’s refreshing to see a graphic that moves and changes before one’s eyes instead of interpreting the change through a line graph or other static visualization.

The second set of visualizations contains color coded line charts of the BMIs of all the geographical regions of the world over time. This is less clear and less original than the first visual, but it gets the job done.

HuffPost fills in the gaps and interprets the data in a few sentences to move the article along.


The scatterplot below provides a final look at recent statistics and completes the narrative that obesity rates for women are a significantly worse problem than the rates for men.


Overall, HuffPost curated relevant data sets that tells a story of rising obesity rates and where/whom they are affecting most.


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