The Stormy Saga Summed Up

HuffPost tackled the continuing breaking news story of the affair between Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump with a video including the following caption for context:
“Her bombshell ‘60 Minutes’ interview was just the beginning. Now pornstar Stormy Daniels is suing Donald Trump’s lawyer for calling her a liar for claiming she had an affair with the President.”
Screenshot (71)
The video contains footage from both Daniels’ lawyer (speaking to MSNBC and TMZ) and Trump’s lawyer as well as the recent 60 Minutes interview with Daniels. It is easier to follow the complicated and dramatic turn of events when you can physically see and hear the people involved explaining it.
HuffPost also includes statements in between clips to further explain and contextualize the interviews.
The site contains several videos on the topic of the affair and they push out new ones as the story develops. They make it easy to follow because they quickly remind the viewer of what has happened with a few screencaps before delving into new footage.



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