Twitter suspends tweet thieves, and users rejoice

Twitter suspended many large accounts with millions of followers on March 9 for stealing tweets from smaller accounts, HuffPost reports.

Among those banned were @GirlPosts, @Dory, @CommonWhiteGirl, @SoDamnTrue and @memeprovider.

These accounts have become infamous for plaguing users’ Twitter feeds by repeatedly posting the same stolen tweets in exchange for money. They’ve been dubbed “tweetdeckers.” Tweetdeckers also accept money in exchange for retweets.

These practices violate Twitter’s terms of service, and Twitter is finally cracking down.

The decision was a smart business move because it’s ethical and practical. Spam is annoying and users don’t like it. Buying likes and retweets and stealing content is wrong; users don’t appreciate having their content taken as HuffPost proves.

I am already noticing a difference in my feed, it is less cluttered.

Screenshot (60)


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